Lighting Design

Set the Mood

At Meala, we know that lighting can have an effect on how we feel.
When you walk into a room with soft, warm lighting, you’ll feel right at home.
But if you walk into the same room with bright fluorescent lights, your head might start to hurt.

Natural Light

When it is part of a home’s lighting plan, natural light can also be helpful. It makes you feel better and can help you fall asleep faster.

Together, beautiful lighting design and technology that saves energy make it possible to use less, save more, and consume more mindfully.

A lighting plan that can be put into place and run cheaply is needed for a number of tasks.

This method divides the room into useful zones and gives each one a lighting solution that makes it easy on the eyes. Function is always more important than looks, which is why the lighting plan is such an important part of the design process.

How lights work

When lighting is placed well, it adds a new dimension and makes an interior design project come to life.
It’s all about finding the right balance of light and dark and giving a room a fresh feel.
Directional lighting is good for tasks, while warm, comfortable mood lighting makes for a more relaxed atmosphere.
General lighting gives an area a comfortable level of brightness all over and doesn’t focus on any one thing.

At Meala, we take a unique approach to each lighting project. This makes sure that you get a unique, creative result that makes the most of your space.
With our design skills and technical know-how, we can make sure that your project will be done on time and on budget.