Interior Design & Managing your Self Build

When to call your Interior Designer?

Managing your self build is a mammoth task, there is no denying that, but there are people that can help. One of the most common interior design myths is that you should only think about hiring an Interior Designer after the first fix has already been completed, however it is much more beneficial to get them involved early on in the project.

Calling your designer, no later than when the roof goes on will ensure that the ideal layout can be achieved. Taking in to consideration factors such as natural lighting, views from your windows and what you would like to do with each space/room.

Considering where to position the essentials such as lighting, and plumbing makes it much easier to get your perfect layout right first time. This will maximise the use of space and light in your home.

All these decisions will have an effect on the final layout and positioning of your furniture. Considering this early will ensure you get to make the most out of your space and give you much more scope for choice.

(How many times have you seen the main radiator in a room completely covered by your sofa because this was the only place it could fit?)

Thinking about all these aspects early in the process will reduce the chances of having to go back and make changes which can save a lot of time, money and stress later on.

managing your self build

Managing Your Self Build : Know what you want.

It can be easy to have the ideal vision in your mind but sometimes communicating this vision to your builder can be much more difficult.

An experienced Interior Designer can be really useful in bridging this gap and can help ensure that your vision will be achieved.

Building your own home is really exciting and enjoyable but it is also a huge undertaking and involves a lot of decision making.

Budgeting and Time

Balancing budgets, time constraints and last-minute modifications are all part of the ups and downs of the process. This can get stressful but with careful planning and the right Interior Designer at hand, it can be a fun and exciting journey.

Peace of mind comes from having your Interior Designer a phone call away, ready to answer any queries you may have and to liaise with the contractors so you know what to expect throughout the process.  

Your Interior Designer will help you in managing your self build using established working relationships with contactors and will work along side your architect to help achieve the perfect result both inside and out!