Four Poster Beds

The four-poster bed is the epitome of classic style for any bedroom. Each of its four corners is reinforced by vertical columns. When it comes to furnishing a bedroom, a four-poster bed frame is hard to beat due to the fact that it offers the perfect blend of elegance, durability, and personalisation.

Early Irish texts offer descriptions of four-poster beds, and several Irish sagas have references to them. Cael ua Nemhnainn quotes a lyric from the 12th-century story Acallam na Sen├│radh: “Four posts round every bed there are, of gold and silver fitted together cunningly; in each post’s head a crystal gem: they make heads not unpleasant [to behold].”

The four-poster bed was designed for a number of reasons, the most important of which were functional. Because bedrooms were often draughty and cold at night, the curtains may be pulled to help the person in bed stay warm. In the case of royalty, who were attended by a special set of bedchamber attendants (usually noble courtiers), lords and ladies of the bedchamber, esquires of the body, etc.,[1] the curtains also served to provide privacy to the sleepers, as servants and bodyguards often slept in the same room. Beds were pieces of furniture used by nobles and monarchs in public and at court, thus from the Middle Ages to the early 18th century, they were often elaborately crafted to make a grand impression. 

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